Sasha Khorzova: Insta-TikTok Star Spreading Positivity Through Beauty and Lifestyle

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Name: Sasha Khorzova / sashakhorzova / sasha_khorzova

Nationality: Russia

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Black

Date of Birth: November 23rd, 2001

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Instagram / Tiktok / YouTube

Sasha Khorzova, a self-care, beauty, and lifestyle influencer, is capturing hearts on social media with her 157k Instagram and 233.7k TikTok followers, boasting an impressive 38.5 million likes. Sasha’s love for life is evident in her affinity for big bouquets of flowers and her adorable fluffy puppy. She’s a culinary enthusiast, often sharing her love for cooking with her followers.

Advocating for positivity, Sasha lives by the mantra “happiness is an inside job.” She collaborates with renowned brands like Ninki, Scr Merch, Antari, Label.b, Feelz, and Cameamile. Adorning herself with jewelry from Ani Egoista, Dionis, and MaymurVVS, she’s a style icon. Sasha’s giveaways and promotions with brands like Lizaonair, Sheadow lip oils, and skincare products like Goldapple, keep her followers engaged.

Whether indulging in diverse cuisines, enjoying staycations at places like Hynn Regency, or exploring beaches and exotic locales like China and Vochi, Sasha’s adventurous spirit shines through.

Skiing for fun and capturing her moments with mirror selfies, Sasha Khorzova is a multi-faceted influencer who inspires happiness in her online community.

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Sasha Khorzova aka sasha_khorzova and her cute fluffy puppy

Sasha Khorzova aka sasha_khorzova holding a big bouquet of flowers

Sasha Khorzova aka sasha_khorzova rocking jewelry from maymurvvs

Sasha Khorzova aka sashakhorzova gets her gorgeous looks from her mother

Sasha Khorzova aka sashakhorzova has the perfect face and thich healthy hair

Sasha Khorzova aka sashakhorzova in a corset by emily.corset and black jeans

Sasha Khorzova is all smiles at a traditional set restaurant

Sasha Khorzova looking fierce in a suit from melman_cloth

Sasha Khorzova looking gorgeous in lovely face beat and simple fit

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