Kelli Anne Sewell – makeupxka Makeup Artist, Entrepreneur

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Name: Kelli Anne Sewell / makeupxka / makeupxka7981

Nationality: USA

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Green

Date of Birth: N/A

Zodiac Sign: N/A

Instagram / Tiktok / YouTube  

Kelli Anne Sewell has emerged as a luminary in the beauty industry, showcasing her prowess as a seasoned makeup artist and innovator. Originally from Austin, she took a bold leap, transitioning from a full-time job to pursue her dreams in the vibrant landscape of New York City. As the CEO of Makeup by Kellie Anne, she not only offers guided tutorials on makeup. In her personal life, she shares a connection with @landon_justlandon who owns Kinda Handsome clothing brand.

Renowned for her inventive take on the “gym lips” beauty trend, Kelli Anne’s creativity extends to a clientele that boasts names like Camila Coelho, Becca Tobin, and Courtney Shields. Her groundbreaking artistic approach and distinctive style set her apart in the competitive world of beauty.

Beyond the makeup chair, Kelli Anne exhibits a keen eye for high-end fashion, favoring brands such as Jacquemus and Balenciaga. Her unique style isn’t confined to fashion; it extends to skincare with a partnership with Rhode and collaborations with jewelry brands like Jenny Bird. From First Aid Beauty to Maybelline, her impressive portfolio includes collaborations with esteemed brands.

A lover of shopping and a Halloween makeup enthusiast, Kelli Anne also shares her passion for home décor. She travels to captivating destinations like Mexico and the US Virgin Islands, adding a touch of adventure to her multifaceted lifestyle. In the world of beauty and beyond, Kelli Anne Sewell is a trailblazing entrepreneur and creative force.

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Kelli Anne Sewell aka makeupxka has a nice facebeat by patrickta

Kelli Anne Sewell aka makeupxka has perfect hair and a facebeat to match

Kelli Anne Sewell aka makeupxka is holiday party ready with shopbop

Kelli Anne Sewell aka makeupxka looking amazing at a Valentino event

Kelli Anne Sewell aka makeupxka takes a selfie showing her glazed makeup look

Kelli Anne Sewell aka makeupxka7981 enjoying a nice meal at a restaurant

Kelli Anne Sewell aka makeupxka7981 in a brown leather coat from revolve and two piece from skims

Kelli Anne Sewell aka makeupxka7981 is pretty in brown

Kelli Anne Sewell and her boyfriend are a match made in heaven


Kelli Anne Sewell and her parents tour Paris

Kelli Anne Sewell at a Makeup by Kylie launch party

Kelli Anne Sewell has a gorgeous face beat with a red lip

Kelli Anne Sewell reacreates a makeup look that she adores

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