Pelinay Igit: From Model to Digital Influencer

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Name: Pelinay Igit

Nationality: Turkey

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Black

Date of Birth: NA

Zodiac Sign: NA

Instagram / YouTube

Pelinay Igit, a former Turkish model turned Instagram and YouTube influencer, has captivated a significant online audience with her dynamic content and distinct style. Boasting an impressive following of over 239,000 on Instagram and 106,000 subscribers on YouTube, Pelinay has successfully transitioned from the world of modeling to becoming a prominent figure on social media.

Verified on Instagram, Pelinay shares a glimpse into her vibrant lifestyle, primarily focusing on makeup routines and lifestyle content. Her passion for makeup shines through, as she not only showcases her routines but also incorporates them seamlessly into her vlogs. With a keen eye for beauty, Pelinay often features products from renowned brands like YSL and NYX, offering recommendations to her followers.

Beyond her makeup expertise, Pelinay extends her influence to haircare, presenting tutorials and videos showcasing her beautiful hair. Her dedication to beauty goes hand in hand with an impeccable sense of style. Frequently seen wearing popular brands such as Nike, Zara, Puma, Marks and Spencer, and Fashfed, Pelinay effortlessly blends high-end fashion with casual wear.

Pelinay’s interests expand beyond beauty and fashion. A fitness enthusiast, she enjoys working out and shares snippets of her exercise routines with her audience. Embracing a well-rounded lifestyle, she indulges in photography, occasional partying, and cherishes moments spent with her close-knit group of friends.

A cat lover at heart, Pelinay proudly refers to her feline companion as her child. This affection for animals aligns with her love for tattoos, as evidenced by the ink adorning both her arms. Pelinay’s online presence goes beyond surface-level aesthetics; it reflects an individual who seamlessly combines her passions for beauty, fashion, fitness, and a close-knit social life, creating a digital persona that resonates with diverse audiences.

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Pelinay İgit hanging out with her cat

Pelinay İgit having a lunch date with boyfriend

Pelinay İgit posing for photoshoot in swimming pool

Pelinay İgit posing for photoshoot on the couch

Pelinay İgit promoting mute jewelry on instagram

Pelinay İgit taking car selfie

Pelinay İgit taking elevator photo

Pelinay İgit taking mirror selfie at the gym

Pelinay İgit taking photo under sunlight

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