Lauren Elson – laurenelson Fashion blogger and Influencer

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Name: Lauren Elson / laurenelson

Nationality: Australia

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Grey

Date of Birth:  January 16th

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Instagram / Tiktok

Lauren Elson, the creative force behind, stands as a prominent fashion blogger, radiating style that captivates her global audience. Her website is a curated haven, showcasing meticulously crafted outfits, insightful travel guides, and more. Lauren’s influence knows no bounds, demonstrated through her promotion of the vibrant Realization Par pink pieces and collaborations with notable brands like Lychee Swimwear and Lunasea.

Beyond her sartorial pursuits, Lauren is a passionate advocate for social causes, championing brands such as LUCAUSA and actively supporting Earth Day initiatives while lending her voice to the Black Lives Matter movement. She wholeheartedly backs black businesses like Houseogama and Laquan Smith, and her fashion repertoire seamlessly integrates both high-end stores like Valentino and TOD’S and collaborations with jewelry brands such as Anarchy Street and Cosacuffs. Lauren’s diverse collaborations extend across major fashion labels, from River Island to Calvin Klein, and she effortlessly incorporates makeup looks featuring Urban Decay Cosmetics.

Her adventures span enchanting destinations like Paris, Italy, Belize, and South Africa. With a distinctive fondness for pastel outfits, cowgirl boots, beach picnics, and acai bowls, Lauren Elson emerges not only as a fashion icon but as a connoisseur of life’s vibrant pleasures. Adding to her dynamic lifestyle is her beloved dog, Lunasea, and a self-care routine that includes workouts, and cryotherapy . Lauren also has an affinity for styling vintage pieces, showcasing her timeless and eclectic taste.

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Lauren Elson aka laurenelson in a polka dot dress from rouje and boots from dico.copenhagen

Lauren Elson aka laurenelson in a sheek leather outfit and shades from sunglasshut

Lauren Elson aka laurenelson in a sunset dress from thefifthlabel and bag from fshnbnkr

Lauren Elson aka laurenelson in the streets of Paris rocking a skirt from unif

Lauren Elson aka laurenelson rocking a green two piece from princesspollybotique

Lauren Elson aka laurenelson sitting pretty in her jacket from shop vintage collection

Lauren Elson chilling in a hat from lackofcoloraus

Lauren Elson giving flower power in her cute top

Lauren Elson has the perfect face and style

Lauren Elson looks dope in a top from shopressurection and bag from rebagofficail

Lauren Elson matches her gucci sunnies with a chill fit

Lauren Elson and her lovely dog who enjoys supplement packs from dandydog

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