Lexi Poy: Instagram Model, Halloween Enthusiast, and Travel Vlogger

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Name: Lexi Poy / Lexi Balenciaga / lexipoy / Baby Boss / lex1poy

Nationality: Russia

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Green

Date of Birth: August 23rd, 2000

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Tiktok  / Instagram / YouTube

Lexi Poy, the Instagram and Fansly sensation, not only captures hearts with her travels across Europe but also with a charming and oversized companion – a giant pink Teddy bear. This huggable friend is her steadfast cuddle buddy, sharing her love for both adventure and bedtime.

Her Instagram paints a picture of a wanderlust-filled life, showcasing her journeys through Spain, Italy, France, Greece, and more. Lexi’s passions extend to culture, as she enjoys concerts, explores art museums, and savors diverse culinary experiences in various restaurants.

Her YouTube channel invites viewers to immerse themselves in longer vacation videos, while her Fansly account offers exclusive content for her devoted fans. Lexi Poy is more than an Instagram model; she’s a captivating storyteller, inviting others to join her adventures, both big and cuddly.

Lexi Poy aka Baby Boss rocks a perfect black dinner dress

Lexi Poy aka Baby Boss takes a cute selfie in the car

Lexi Poy aka lex1poy dresses as Freddy Krueger for Halloween

Lexi Poy aka lex1poy in a cool jacket from jinnipick

Lexi Poy aka lexipoy gives an upclose of her cute make up look

Lexi Poy aka lexipoy has the prettiest eyes and flawless skin

Lexi Poy celebrating her 23rd birthday

Lexi Poy enjoying fine wine and a cool breeze in Greece

Lexi Poy giving angel vibes in her white fit

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