Megan Bair – Fashion Model, Influencer

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Name: Megan Bair / megan_bair / meganbair_ / meganbair

Nationality: USA

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Brown

Date of Birth: June 18th, 1999

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Instagram / Tiktok / Pinterest / Depop

Megan Bair, a mesmerizing model, captivates with her beauty and talent. Her tight-knit family includes cherished brother Andrew Blair, and she’s in a loving relationship with Landon Hadley. A proud graduate of the University of Kansas, Megan embarked on her modeling journey in 2015 when she signed with Linda Layman agency.

Beyond the runway, Megan’s digital presence flourishes on TikTok with over 2.7 million likes, sharing lifestyle, travel, family, fashion, beauty, and relatable content. As a Hello Molly brand ambassador, she has graced collections in stunning attire and collaborated with PacSun, Target, and Dunkin Coffee. Her modeling portfolio boasts partnerships with Princess Polly Boutique, Zara, Grey Bandit, Dippin’ Daisy’s, and Blackbough Swim.

Megan’s paradise is the beach, where she indulges in swimming, picnicking, and sunbathing, with Pass-A-Grille Beach as a favorite spot. Hobbies include hiking, sailing, girls’ nights, a dedicated skincare routine, and savoring beautiful sunsets. Her adventures have led her to enchanting destinations like Costa Rica and Cancun.

Maintaining sleek hair thanks to Hair by Renee Chantel, Megan shares home décor inspirations and indulges in acai bowls, sushi, coffee, and pizza. A lover of chilling by the beach with flowers, she imparts motivational words, creating a digital space brimming with positivity and inspiration.

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Megan Bair aka megan_bair by Pass A Grille Beach in a pink dress from greybandit

Megan Bair aka megan_bair celebrating her 23rd birthday by the beach

Megan Bair aka megan_bair happy enjoying her coffee at a cute coffee shop

Megan Bair aka megan_bair takes a selfie in a cozy sweater from americaneagle

Megan Bair aka meganbair_ enjoying her time in Nassau Bahamas Island in a dress from showpo

Megan Bair aka meganbair_ is all smiles excited about her Tiktok milestones

Megan Bair aka meganbair_ matches her cute fit woth a jacquemus bag

Megan Bair aka meganbair_ pulls an all black outfit from edikted

Megan Bair aka meganbair in a cozy fit from koshafit

Megan Bair aka meganbair in a lovely summer dress from greybandit

Megan Bair aka meganbair in cute pants from zara

Megan Bair at St.Pete Beach in swimwear from dippindaisys

Megan Bair enjoying a cup of coffee in thefestive season

Megan Bair looking cute exploring Asheville

Megan Bair wearing a cardigan from cocomccallshop

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