Luisa Villafane – luisapiou Fashion Model, Digital Creator

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Name: Luisa Villafane / luisapiou

Nationality: Brazil

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Brown

Date of Birth: November 28th, 1999

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Instagram / Tiktok / YouTube  / Depop

Luisa Villafane, the generous Brazilian model and influential social media sensation, has captivated the hearts of thousands on Instagram and TikTok with her breathtaking beauty, magnetic personality, and incredible voice. Represented by Nextmodels, Luisa has seamlessly connected with top-tier brands in the fashion and entertainment industry. Happily married to Wes Villafane, Luisa shares her joy with fans through captivating couple content, including OOTD sessions. As a devoted dog mom to Ralph, a mini golden poodle, she finds companionship in their playful adventures.

A passionate advocate for fashion as a form of expression, Luisa collaborates with brands like Princess Polly, endorsing pieces such as The Estelle Bag and Montanna Mini Dress Orange. As a Savage Fenty, Glassons, and ASOS brand ambassador, she also curates a stunning swimwear collection featuring brands like Montce Swim. Luisa shares her expertise in makeup content, partnering with Morphe and Lancôme Official. She attended the AloxNYFW and was also featured on the poster for Garage Clothing and Osheaga Shop in Montreal.

An adventurous spirit, Luisa loves exploring diverse cultures and has travelled extensively to destinations like Morocco, Greece, Spain, and Egypt. Her podcast appearance on the Keaton Milburn show revealed her resilience, discussing overcoming challenging times. Luisa’s fashion favorites are shared on platforms like Obsessed with It and Depop, reflecting her eclectic tastes and unique finds collected from her global journeys. Living by the mantra “Everything that happens to me, happens for me,” she continues to connect with her audience through a blend of style, and a zest for life.

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Luisa Villafane aka luisapiou at a boohoo event with her better half

Luisa Villafane aka luisapiou clad in swimwear from montce_swim at Islas Baleares

Luisa Villafane aka luisapiou defines style in this white dress from anthropologie

Luisa Villafane aka luisapiou giving Bridergon vibes at the Belmond hotel

Luisa Villafane aka luisapiou has the perfect dress and lovely hair thanks to Vivid Hair Lounge

Luisa Villafane aka luisapiou in a jeans fit from glassons

Luisa Villafane aka luisapiou looks exotic in this piece from withharperlu

Luisa Villafane and Wes goig for a stroll with their pet poodle Ralph

Luisa Villafane celebrating Wes' birthday at sea

Luisa Villafane holding her pet poodle Ralph

Luisa Villafane is stunning after using beauty products from Vividskinandlasercenter

Luisa Villafane looks dazzling in a red flowery dress from Zara

Luisa Villafane rocking out at Coachella

Luisa Villafane unlocking her inner cowgirl

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