Sun, Surf, Skates: Nanniirene’s Multifaceted Journey as Model and Adventurer

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Name: Nanniirene / Nene

Nationality: Italy

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Date of Birth: June 8th, 1999

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Instagram / Tiktok

Nanniirene aka Nene, the radiant Instagram model, graces social media as a brand ambassador for surfwear and sportswear labels, Mellowwaves and Fear The Ordinary, a sustainable clothing brand. Her heart belongs to the sea, and she’s a devoted sunset chaser, capturing the mesmerizing beauty of twilight moments.

Nene’s passion for adventure comes to life through her travels, often accompanied by her boyfriend, Davide Carminati. From France to Portugal, the UK, and beyond, she explores the world, sharing her captivating journeys on Instagram.

Her feed is a visual treat, filled with images of sunsets, her graceful surfing escapades, and serene moments by the beach adorned in bikinis from brands like Via Marechiaro 12, Makhoul Swimwear, Myao Swimwear, Arai, and Tricirculo. Together with her boyfriend, they share a love for skateboarding, surfing, and the simple joys of watching sunsets by the beach—a love story that unfolds beautifully on her social media canvas.

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Nanniirene aka Nene in a bikini from

Nanniirene aka Nene and her boyfriend look so good together

Nanniirene aka Nene in all white carrying a red claireciel_official bag

Nanniirene aka Nene is always down for a good swim

Nanniirene aka Nene is wearing a navy blue blazer from dannyruvintage

Nanniirene aka Nene looking breath taking on her birthday

Nanniirene aka Nene looks really pretty in a warm sweater

Nanniirene aka Nene shooting for adaul_official

Nanniirene celebrating her graduation with her father

Nanniirene feeling joyous with her beautiful mum

Nanniirene giving dreamy vibes

Nanniirene heading to surf in her lovely bikini from kanaswim

Nanniirene in a skiing shirt from feartheordinary

Nanniirene is giving princess vibes in a cute floral dress with pink flowers in the background

Nanniirene is so happy to graduate from University of verona

Nanniirene looking cool in comfy set from mellowaves_surfwear

Nanniirene rocking a coat from dannyruvintage

Nanniirene serving model poses in her dannyruvintage outfit

Nanniirene aka Nene enjoying her time at the beach with her boyfriend while rocking a fit from mellowaves_surfwear

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