Milana Kolpakova – Инстаграм Молдел

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Name: Milana Kolpakova / millkovv

Nationality: Russia

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Blue

Date of Birth: December 18th, 2003

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius


Milana Kolpakova is a youthful model who shines with an airy balance between innocence and charm, making her attractiveness feminine and delicate. Her mesmerising blue eyes and lovely features make her so breathtakingly gorgeous that people can’t look away. Her soft pink lips not only give spirit, they also highlight her natural charm. On her own page, she displays her powerful personality in an open manner, catching the attention of her fans. Because of this, Milana has gained over 149K followers on Instagram, which hugely contributes to her popularity.

Milana Kolpakova has an ideal height, she embodies nobility and elegance. All eyes are drawn to her lovely contours created by her toned, flexible, and sensitive physique. She is drawn to clothing with delicate colours like black or white, feminine shapes, soft patterns, and pastel and nude hues. Furthermore, her ability to creatively combine different outfits not only brings out her natural beauty but also showcases her perfect sense of style.

Milana brings a romantic, delightful vibe and has an additional love for taking landscape and floral photos. She generally picks romantic and outdoor settings for her landscape photography. Her creative use of lenses and lighting makes her stunning pictures particularly stand out for their softness and romanticism.

Milana’s image is characterised by a strong sense of confidence, independence, and originality, which make her a role model for the younger generation and a major source of inspiration in the industry of fashion and beauty.

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Milana Kolpakova aka millkovv freely expresses strong and distinctive personality.

Milana Kolpakova aka millkovv often takes photos with beautiful flowers.

Milana Kolpakova aka millkovv is a very romantic person and she keens on flowers

Milana Kolpakova aka millkovv poses in a very sensual way under the sun.

Milana Kolpakova aka millkovv stands out with fresh facial features and glowy skin.

Milana Kolpakova aka millkovv demonstrates a fashionable style and an attractive body shape.

Milana Kolpakova has a glamorous face and exudes charm.

Milana Kolpakova showcases a strong, rebellious attitude.

Milana Kolpakova's attractive blue eyes bewitch everyone.

Milana Kolpakova wore a pink outfit to demonstrate her femininity.

Milana Kolpakova possesses a gorgeous body in a white gown.

Milana Kolpakova looks beautiful and amazing in a black dress

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