Natali Konyushok – вице-мисс Евразия, телеведущая, певица

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Name: Natali Konyushok / lady.natalii

Nationality: Belarus

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Green

Date of Birth: February 23rd, 2001

Zodiac Sign: Pisces


Model Natali Konyushok, who attracted attention with her unique physical appeal and outstanding performing style, won the Miss Eurasia 2021 runner-up award with wonderful grace. Especially, she won the competition by showcasing her knowledge and clear vision via both her behaviour and her skilled communication. Additionally, she also makes a fashion mark with her unique and appealing personal style. Her ability to shift between numerous looks from attractive to vibrant, from classic to modern reinforces her ability to adjust in the modelling industry.

As a host of television shows, Natali has demonstrated her gift for witty, flexible, and thoughtful speech. She has the capacity to interact with audiences and guests with elegance and feelings of joy, expressing positivity and happiness. All the programs she participated in ended up being exciting and appealing to the public because of Natali’s expertise and passion.

Surprisingly, she is also a singer. With its power and magnetic attraction, her voice is like a breath of fresh air. She often uploads singing videos on Instagram, impressing viewers with her abilities and the depth of her musical talent. It has been proved that Natali Konyushok is a flexible and self-confident artist who can effortlessly switch between roles, establishing a unique and thorough persona within the industry of entertainment.

Natali is always seeking methods for improving her life by caring for her physical and mental well-being. In addition, she leads a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet. She not only stays within her finest weight range, but she also maintains a healthy, energetic body.

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Natali Konyushok aka lady.natalii smiled sweetly on her vacation.

Natali Konyushok aka lady.natalii looked gorgeous in all black outfits in Bali.

Natali Konyushok aka lady.natalii works out frequently to maintain her slim body.

Natali Konyushok enjoyed sharing that she likes to wear pink clothes

Natali Konyushok was pleased to reveal that she enjoys dressing in pink since it is a feminine colour

Natali Konyushok in a luxurious black outfit making an inviting posture.

Natali Konyushok excitedly captured pictures to celebrate the first snow of winter.

Natali Konyushok looked stunning in a wonderful outfit as she competed in the eurasiastrars tournament

Natali Konyushok aka lady.natalii freely shares captions on Instagram

Natali Konyushok aka lady.natalii enjoys exploring new places and being in nature.

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