Sindi Myftari: Modeling, Travel, and Fashion in the Digital Era

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Name: Sindi Myftari / sindi_myftari

Nationality: Albania

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Amber

Date of Birth: August 10th

Zodiac Sign: Leo


Sindi Myftari is a fashion model from Albania. She joined Instagram in May 2017 and has since cemented her social media presence with over 186K followers. The avid fashion model loves catwalking and donning designer clothes while traveling worldwide. Sindi’s love for travel has landed her in picturesque destinations like Milan in Italy, Mykonos in Greece, Ibiza in Spain, and Marseille in France.

Sindi is the FashionNova ambassador and usually showcases their stylish bikinis and other apparel. Besides traveling and modeling, Sindi loves working out to maintain her physique and build a strong mentality.

As a fashion model, Sindi partners with and miloszhairstylist to fulfill her dreams.

The beautiful Sindi knows where to shop and get the best attires for her runway getaways, and Floral Affair is one of her recommendations.

She spends most of her time outdoors in the swimming pool, clubs, or sightseeing beautiful sceneries whenever she travels. Sindi is a music fan and loves attending live concerts, for example, David Guetta’s concert in Ushuaia, Ibiza, Spain. Her taste in fashion is admirable, and she has whatever it takes to succeed in the fashion industry.

Sindi Myftari during her visits to Burano Italy

Sindi Myftari in gorgeous oufit she got from FashioNova

Sindi Myftari looking beautiful in a dress from Larda

Sindi Myftari promoting and wearing a suit from Guesssuit

Sindi Myftari showing appreciation and celebrating her phographer's birthday

Sindi Myftari showingcasing her love for diamond jewelry

Sindi Myftari showing off her red bag from Gentivs

Sindi Myftari wearing a cute dress from Ohpolly

Sindi Myftari wearing her favorite dress from Lavishalice

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