Sophia Luders – sosowave – потрясающая фотомодель из Германии

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Name: Sophia Luders / sosowave

Nationality: Germany

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Green Hazel

Date of Birth: April 26th, 2001

Zodiac Sign: Taurus


Sophia Luders owns a perfect body figure, which not only creates an unforgettable impression with her curvy body line but also spotlights her self-confidence and attractiveness. All of those things above have attracted more than 138K followers on Instagram so far, who probably cannot take their eyes off her. Sophia shines brightly owing to her delicate face with a touch of modern features, while being highlighted with charm and a breeze of refreshment.

She usually appears in photographs having interesting and color perfectly schemed clothing, which gives her a unique and appealing look. Currently, the modeling agency Most Wanted Models in Germany has Sophia Luders under contract. She also frequently appears in elegant and spectacular magazine images representing the Guess fashion brand. Sophia Luders additionally took part in marketing campaigns for well-known clothing companies including Gucci, Dior, and Jacquemus. Undoubtedly, she has become well-known due to her ability to effortlessly switch between several fashion looks.

Sophia is a woman who loves to travel and experience new things, particularly when it comes to vacations. Her partner also shares her enthusiasm for traveling, making him an ideal boyfriend as well. She has traveled to a wide range of countries, including South Africa, Morocco, Dubai, Australia, France, Spain, London, Bali, etc. She now includes eating into her travel experiences and trying out a variety of interesting and fantastic cuisines. The two of them enjoy romantic evenings together, such as dining al fresco beneath the lights of the moon or relaxing on the peaceful beach.

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Sophia Luders with a shinning smile and boundless enthusiasm on her travels

Sophia Luders rang in the new year in Switzerland looking extremely gorgeous and elegant

Sophia Luders openly shares intimate pics with her boyfriend in Switzerland

Sophia Luders being captured under beautiful skies in Switzerland

Sophia Luder with a clean and appealing in this picture.

Sophia Luders aka Sosowave has a delicate yet elegant sense of style.

Sophia Luders aka Sosowave having a stylish look at a dinner in Lisbon

Sophia Luders aka Sosowave owns an ideal height and excellent taste in clothes

Sophia Luders aka Sosowave has a gentle but chic face.

Sophia Luders aka Sosowave with a distinct rebellious style in magazine photographs

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