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Name: Thrukymseyes

Nationality: USA

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black

Date of Birth: May 10th

Zodiac Sign: Taurus


Thrukymseyes, an Instagram influencer, has etched her mark in the social media landscape, amassing a dedicated following of over 180,000 on Instagram and over 8,052 on Tiktok. She expertly blends her many interests and goals while offering a personal glimpse into her life.

Formerly in the beauty industry, she owned a nail salon, showcasing her expertise in nails, lashes, and makeup tattooing. Parallelly engaged in modeling, her true passion blossomed in the realm of car customization, an interest ignited by her father’s job of fixing cars. Venturing into car wrapping, Thrukymseyes exhibits not only her skills but a genuine love for automobiles. Beyond her automotive prowess, she is steadfastly pursuing her aspiration of becoming a boxer, showcasing a determined approach to life.

Her diverse interests, spanning photography, skating, and a profound love for her two French Bulldogs, enrich her Instagram content, offering followers a glimpse into the vibrant tapestry of her daily life. As a devoted Christian and devout Catholic, Thrukymseyes intertwines her social media presence with Inspirational Christian messages, encouraging gratitude and emphasizing the importance of faith in navigating life’s journey.

Thrukymseyes’ journey, from beauty entrepreneur to car enthusiast and aspiring boxer, serves as an inspirational narrative, urging her followers to embrace their passions and cultivate a life rich in diverse interests, all while grounded in spiritual values.

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Thrukymseyes aka thrukymseyes enjoying the sun

Thrukymseyes aka thrukymseyes in a luxurious car

Thrukymseyes aka thrukymseyes in christmas outfit

Thrukymseyes aka thrukymseyes out with her mother

Thrukymseyes aka thrukymseyes posing for a picture

Thrukymseyes at the Versace mansion in a gorgeous red dress

Thrukymseyes posing for picture

Thrukymseyes with her dog

Thrukymseyes wrapping a car

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