Strength Unleashed: Stormi Knight’s Odyssey to Holistic Wellness

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Name: Stormi Knight / stormiknight_  / stormi_knight

Nationality: USA

Hair Color: Dark brown

Eye Color: Brown

Date of Birth: June 4th

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Instagram / Tiktok

Stormi Knight, a dynamic fitness trainer, model, and 1st Phorm Elite Athlete, is a beacon of strength and motivation in the wellness industry. In 2013, battling depression and anxiety, Stormi embarked on a transformative fitness journey, seizing control of her health and discovering a passion for weightlifting. Her journey evolved into a mission to inspire others, evident in her energetic and motivational personality.

Teaming up with Marissa Almendarez, Stormi co-created the empowering Mix Tape Social event, fostering a community of women sharing inspiring success stories. Recognized as the face of brands like TerraVita CBD, Nike, and LiCi Fit, Stormi is sought after for collaborations due to her impressive physique and motivational influence.

Beyond the gym, Stormi finds solace outdoors, exploring nature and hiking in locations like Blue Ridge Trail and Birthing Cave. Advocating for mental health awareness and sharing her struggle with autoimmunity, she uses her platform to create awareness. Stormi endorses 1st Phorm products and apparel, emphasizing their role in her workouts and recovery.

A family-oriented individual, Stormi enjoys quality time with her sisters, Sterling Knight and Star Soderberg, and her two French bulldogs, Gizmo and Archie. Fearless and adventurous, Stormi engages in adrenaline-pumping activities, from hanging off cliffs to holding reticulated pythons. Whether collaborating with health and fitness brands or sharing her healthy recipes, Stormi Knight is a multifaceted force empowering others to embrace a holistic approach to wellness.

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Stormi Knight aka stormi_knight holding her adorable frenchie Gizmo

Stormi Knight aka stormi_knight in an green animal print set from licifit

Stormi Knight aka stormi_knight in a swimsuit from jluxlabel

Stormi Knight aka stormi_knight is body goals in her black bikini

Stormi Knight aka stormi_knight is stunning in her changefateactivewear set at Hsi Lai Temple

Stormi Knight aka stormiknight_ and her beautiful sisters are a sight to behold

Stormi Knight aka stormiknight_ enjoys her 1stPhorm level1 pumpkin spice bar with protein coffee

Stormi Knight aka stormiknight_ glowing in her simple make up look

Stormi Knight aka stormiknight_ unwinding at Kimpton Everly Hotel


Stormi Knight aka stormiknight_ wearing a dress from houseofcb and shoes from simmishoes

Stormi Knight does a 1stPhorm energy drink giveaway

Stormi Knight encouraging her followers to be consistent n their fitness journey

Stormi Knight is breathtaking in all blue

Stormi Knight looking fierce in her blonde braids

Stormi Knight takes a mirror selfie in her 1stPhorm women shorts in a size medium

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