Anastasia Andreevna – Инстаграм-модель из России

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Name: Anastasia Andreevna / tasia_kek

Nationality: Russia

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Green Hazel

Date of Birth: October 5th, 2000

Zodiac Sign: Libra


Anastasia Andreevna is a passionate woman with a natural talent for making creative and entertaining videos. Born with a naturally charming face, she attracts everyone who comes across her at first sight. That’s why Anastasia has over 103K followers on Instagram. Always lives and works with enthusiasm, she never hesitates to try new things and new ideas, to create more highly amusing and artistic videos.

Besides, Anastasia Andreevna is a person who really enjoys travelling and exploring many new and breathtaking destinations in Russia. She usually shares videos and moments of her wonderful and incredible experiences in her journeys with her boyfriends on social media which attracts so many views. Anastasia seems to be very confident and willing to deal with any troubles in order to capture all the moments on her path. She is an ideal inspiration for anyone around the globe who wants to travel and explore marvelous and refreshing so many more places through the lens of the camera.

Anastasia is not only well-known for her stunning appearance, but she also impresses thousands of people with her healthy and balanced lifestyle as well as her diet. She often prefers to choose extremely nutritious products to cook her meals, including lots of green veggies, whole grains, and high in protein. As a supporter of nutritious eating habits, Anastasia Andreevna serves as an example for those who aspire to lead healthy lifestyles. She encourages people in her community to adopt a healthy lifestyle by spreading the word about choosing wisely what to eat.

Additionally, Anastasia owns a tattoo parlor. Along with producing amazing artwork, she also furnishes the shop with cozy, welcoming decor.

Anastasia Andreevna aka tasia kek photographs romantic moments with her boyfriend.
Anastasia Andreevna aka tasia kek posted her side profile with confidence in the early morning light.
Anastasia Andreevna experienced deep moment at Teriberka beach.
Anastasia Andreevna captured delightful photos during a romantic and wonderful dinner
Anastasia Andreevna possesses a facial expression that is both elegant and slightly adorable.
Anastasia Andreevna aka tasia kek freely shares photos of her daily life. (1) (1)
Anastasia Andreevna aka tasia kek stands out in photos even wearing simple clothes. (1)
Anastasia Andreevna struck an appealing and dynamic posture
Anastasia Andreevna celebrated her 23rd birthday, looking endearing and gorgeous.
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