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Name: Mary Mur / mary_mur_

Nationality: Russia

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Date of Birth: July 17th

Zodiac Sign: Cancer


Mary Mur is a beauty blogger. She is not just a gorgeous model but also a symbol of faith and effortless charm. Mary_mur_ amazes her over 96,000 Instagram followers with lovely gowns that highlight her personal style and charm. She is skilled at putting together every element of her wardrobe to achieve the ideal appearance, bringing out her inherent appeal without being too flashy or fussy.

Mary Mur, a truly open-minded individual, fearlessly shares glimpses of her everyday life and stylish outfits with her followers. Beyond that, she has embraced entrepreneurship by opening a fashion boutique, which shows her genuine love for style.

Her ideal physique is not just a result of dedicated workouts but also a balanced approach to both spirit and health, embodying an entirety and authentic lifestyle. With Naturalhealth products, Mary- Mur isn’t afraid to provide beauty tips, body shape maintaining techniques, and healthy living advice. Thousands of followers are even motivated to pursue beauty and wellness by Mary_mur.

Mary Mur not only rocks her confident fashion and beauty style but is also passionate about exploring new places. She’s always on the lookout for cool destinations to share on her social media. From Budapest to Dubai, Turkey, Milan, Hong Kong, and more, she’s been to some pretty awesome spots. Every photo and story she shares is like opening a door to a whole new and beautiful world, making her travel adventures just as exciting as her style journey.

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Mary Mur aka mary_mur_stunning while sipping her coffee.

Mary Mur with her unique and natural outfit combination

Mary Mur aka mary_mur_with her boyfriend at a party

Mary Mur aka mary_mur_enjoyed herself well at Meraki Resort

Mary Mur aka mary_mur_had a fancy and cosy dinner

Mary Mur aka mary_mur has a very appealing body figure.

Mary Mur aka mary_mur_looked inviting at a luxurious party

Mary Mur and her favorite sport are roller skating

Mary Mur have a journey filled with memorable experiences

Mary Mur had a flavorful fancy dinner in Kazan

Mary Mur smiled brightly in pictures taken in the snow

Mary Mur dressed a all white outfit for Christmas

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