Multi-talented Cathryn Lee: Pianist, Actress, Ballerina, Fitness Athlete and FPS Gamer

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Name: Cathryn Lee / cathrynli

Nationality: Malaysia

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Black

Date of Birth: July 17th, 1989

Zodiac Sign: Cancer


Cathryn Lee, from Malaysia , has boasted a staggering 3.1 million followers on Instagram, drawn to her pool of talents. As an actress, gamer, ballerina, fitness athlete, pianist and cosplay and NFT enthusiast, her creative spectrum is boundless.

Her acting prowess has graced the big screen in movies like “Special Female Force,” “Ghost Rituals,” and “My Dog Dou Dou.” Gaming aficionados find a kindred spirit in Cathryn, with her favorite game being Call of Duty, where she engages with fans through livestreams on Instagram and Twitch.

Cathryn’s commitment to fitness is unwavering, paralleled by her strict diet, which she occasionally shares with her devoted followers. Her love for classical music shines through her mesmerizing piano performances on Instagram. In April 2023, she hosted a captivating piano recital meetup in Taipei, Taiwan, drawing large crowds and enchanting all with her virtuosity.

Cosplay is another realm where Cathryn thrives, bringing beloved anime characters to life. Beyond her creative pursuits, she serves as a brand ambassador for BK8, a sports betting company. Her affinity for sports cars culminates in her personal ownership of a Ferrari.

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Cathryn Lee aka cathrynli celebrating her birthday

Cathryn Lee aka cathrynli always has her satrbucks coffee on the run

Cathryn Lee aka cathrynli dresses as a fairy for her birthday shoot



Cathryn Lee aka cathrynli giving harry potter vibes in her cool outfit

Cathryn Lee aka cathrynli has a lovely figure and great style


Cathryn Lee aka cathrynli has nice dance choreography poses and the perfect fit

Cathryn Lee aka cathrynli in grey sport wear enjoying starbucks coffee

Cathryn Lee aka cathrynli in her ballet costume


Cathryn Lee aka cathrynli lifting weights in her cute sports wear

Cathryn Lee aka cathrynli looking stunning at her piano performance in TICC

Cathryn Lee at Chateau Dc Sky Forest as one of the Voice referees guest singers

Cathryn Lee at the gym ready to start her workout session

Cathryn Lee dressed as Ada Wong from resident evil

Cathryn Lee in a long tight grey dress posing in front of her piano

Cathryn Lee in a lovely red dress as she celebrates happy china new year day

Cathryn Lee in an lagirl skirt and a designer bag to match

Cathryn Lee is so adorable in her pink two piece

Cathryn Lee looking gorgeous in comfy clothes from mina_latexbra

Cathryn Lee looks stunning in her pink checked bikini

Cathryn Lee rocks skinny jeans with a cool zipper jacket

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