Jenna Fail: Fitness Star, Artist, and 1st Phorm Elite Inspiration

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Name: Jenna Fail / jenna_fail / jennafail

Nationality: USA

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Brown

Date of Birth: June 2nd, 1994

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Instagram / Tiktok / YouTube

Jenna Fail, a fitness coach, model, and 1st Phorm Elite Athlete, embarked on her fitness journey in 2011 with a determination to enhance her health, confidence, and self-esteem. A former competitive cheerleader and gymnast, Jenna discovered her passion for lifting weights and bodybuilding. Although she withdrew from bodybuilding competitions in 2015, she continues to inspire others through her online coaching, customized meal plans, and motivational content on Instagram and YouTube.

Married to Christopher Fail, another 1st Phorm athlete, since 2010 (partners since 2006), Jenna’s life extends beyond fitness. A creative soul, she finds solace in painting, photography, and tattoo artistry, showcasing her individuality. Through her page “jewelboxglass,” she shares her intricate stained glass creations. Jenna is a loyal user of 1st Phorm products like Leve-1, Harmony, and Opti-Health Stack, emphasizing their role in maintaining her health, digestion, and hormone balance.

Beyond fitness and art, Jenna shares her love for fashion, particularly endorsing brands like ginger bee boutique. She engages her audience with wig try-ons, hair Q&As, and delicious, healthy recipes like Shrimp Tacos on her social media. Collaborating with skincare brand Racquel Aesthetics and wig brands like, Jenna has diversified her portfolio. Her down-to-earth personality shines through DIY home decor projects, coupled with a love for collecting unique pieces. In her downtime, Jenna unwinds at Lake of the Ozarks and Crab Island, occasionally indulging in lighthearted couple pranks wars with Christopher.

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Jenna Fail aka jenna_fail rocking a wig with a bold red lipstick

Jenna Fail aka jenna_fail promoting 1stPhorm products

Jenna Fail aka jenna_fail enjoying her protein smores cup

Jenna Fail aka jenna_fail has a lovely bright smile

Jenna Fail aka jennafail flexing her muscles

Jenna Fail aka jennafail holding her glass

Jenna Fail aka jennafail is a big cat mom

Jenna Fail aka jennafail is jovial thanks to her adorable cat

Jenna Fail and her husband look perfect together

Jenna Fail feeling cute in her pink wig

Jenna Fail going strong together since 2006

Jenna Fail in a pale violet set from 1stPhorm

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