Jessi Rae: Redhead Car Enthusiast, Content Creator and Jiu-Jitsu Belt Holder

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Name: Jessi Rae / hi.jessirae /

Nationality: USA

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Green

Date of Birth: August 4th, 1969

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Instagram / Tiktok

Jessi Rae is a captivating redhead known for her creative endeavors and investment acumen. Together with her husband, Matt, a video creator, they form a dynamic duo running a popular YouTube channel and podcast called “JessieandMatt.” Jessi is not just an Onlyfans creator; she’s also a car enthusiast, and model, flaunting an impressive collection including an Audi RS6, BMW M3, E30 M3, and Porsche.

Beyond the realm of automobiles, Jessi’s interests are diverse. She’s an avid climber and Golfing is another passion, and she enjoys showcasing the evolution of her golf swing. Staying in peak physical condition is important to Jessi, as evidenced by her dedication to working out.

Jessi’s automotive journey began with an ’88 VW Jetta, and her dream car is the awe-inspiring Koenigsegg Jesko. In addition to her love for cars, she’s a dedicated jiu-jitsu practitioner, boasting a purple belt. When it’s time for some fun, she embraces her playful side by dressing up for Halloween as characters like Elastic Girl.

Jessi has partnered with industry leaders like KMP Drivetrain Solutions and Adam’s Polish. When not immersed in the automotive world, you might find Jessi gliding on skates or attending events like Bimmer Invasion and Spocom USA, where she’s received recognition with two awards for Best Classic BMW and Bimmer Girls. Jessi Rae is a multifaceted personality whose charisma shines through in everything she does.

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Jessi Rae aka hi.jessirae in a short black dress and cute heels

Jessi Rae aka hi.jessirae wins 2 troplys for best classic BMW and Bimmer girls .

Jessi Rae aka sitting pretty in her green Porsche

Jessi Rae aka sunkissed in an all black outfit and white sneakers

Jessi Rae aka takes a cute car selfie

Jessi Rae dressed as Elastic girl for Halloween

Jessi Rae looking stunning rocking manscaped shorts

Jessi Rae posing infront of her Audi RS6

Jessi Rae aka hi.jessirae and her husband Matt

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