Jordan Strickland – jstrickfitness Bodybuilder, Fitness Coach

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Name: Jordan Strickland / jstrickfitness

Nationality: USA

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Blue

Date of Birth: October 26th, 1995

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Instagram / Tiktok

Jordan Strickland’s post-graduation journey from Mars Hill University in 2019 has been nothing short of remarkable. Formerly a part of the A-crew, life has taken exhilarating turns, especially alongside his partner, personal coach Sarah McKee, and their beloved dog, Luna. As a devout Christian, faith remains a cornerstone of his life.

From his debut at NPC Muscle Heat 2016 to becoming the Junior USA Overall Classic Physique Champion and IFBB PRO winner in 2023, Jordan’s dedication to bodybuilding has earned him accolades, including the Most Entertaining Routine award in 2017 and multiple 1st place trophies at the Atlantic Coast Championship in 2019.

As a full-time fitness coach, Jordan shares his clients’ progress on his Instagram page, jstrickfitness_clients, offering motivation and inspiration. Collaborations with RSP Nutrition, Jed North clothing, Brownstone Pancake Factory, and Icon Meals enrich his fitness journey. Serving as an EHPlabs brand ambassador, he uses Oxygreen, Glutamine, and Oxyshred.

Beyond the gym, Jordan finds joy in fishing in Charleston, South Carolina, indulging in sushi and pizza on cheat days, and enjoying competitive activities like laser tag with friends. Halloween brings out his creative side, whether he’s donning a Spiderman suit or part of a couple’s costume as Jason Voorhees. Vacations to destinations like One Happy Island and Trunk Bay Beach reflect his love for exploration, while his eclectic shoe collection includes brands like Nike and Yeezy.

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Jordan Strickland aka jstrickfitness catches a redfish in Charleston

Jordan Strickland aka jstrickfitness and his family enjoying quality time together

Jordan Strickland aka jstrickfitness and his girlfriend are adorable in matching outfits

Jordan Strickland aka jstrickfitness catches a shark in his fishing escapades



Jordan Strickland aka jstrickfitness enjoys sushi as his cheatmeal

Jordan Strickland aka jstrickfitness looking classy at King's Leaf Cigars

Jordan Strickland and his girlfiend Sarah at Roslyn Heights

Jordan Strickland and Sarah giving fitness couple goals

Jordan Strickland holding donuts from Joey Bad A Donuts

Jordan Strickland in Toronto flexing in nature

Jordan Strickland looking good in his jed north polo shirt

Jordan Strickland rocking a tank top from Jed North

Jordan Strickland unwinding in U.S Virgin Islands

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