Kayaune Ross: NFL Star Turned Entrepreneur, Actor and Trainer

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Kayaune Ross aka ross_500 promoting the Elevate Impact merch while showing his football skills

Name: Kayaune Ross / ross_500 / kayauneross

Nationality: USA

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black

Date of Birth: July 8th, 1994

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Instagram / TikTok /  YouTube

Kayaune Ross, a name synonymous with versatility and resilience, has navigated an extraordinary journey from the NFL gridiron to the realms of entrepreneurship, with a dash of acting adding another layer to his diverse portfolio. Born to Tasha Hudson, Loretha Hudson, and Bo Ross with Jo Ross as his brother, Kayaune is not just a formidable athlete but a multifaceted individual whose impact transcends the sports arena.

Although he had an impressive 3.3 GPA upon graduating from JUCO, his true brilliance was on the football pitch. His remarkable performance versus Missouri in 2017 after joining the Kentucky Wildcats proved to be a turning point that pushed him into the public eye. Kayaune made a lasting impression in the NFL as a receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals and the New York Giants, but his adventure didn’t stop there.

Transitioning into mentoring and training athletes, Kayaune founded Elevate Impact, a platform that extends beyond sports merchandise to encompass a broader vision of empowerment. His Elevate team celebrated a momentous milestone with their inaugural game in Dallas, Texas, on May 28, 2023. His YouTube collaborations includes notable names such as Blue Face, Myles Trutt, 650Lucci, Ja’kobi Lane, and others.

Kayaune graced the screen in the All American series, showcasing his versatility alongside talents like Daniel Ezra. Beyond the entertainment industry, he collaborates with brands like 1st Phorm, promoting fitness apparel, and has lent his influence to beverage brands like Body Armor. Engaging with platforms like Draft Kings and EA Sports, Kayaune extends his reach through giveaways and participation in the creator league courtesy of House of Highlights.

With 634.0k followers and 26.3M on Tiktok and a YouTube channel adorned with a silver plate, Kayaune Ross is not just a sports figure; he’s a beacon of inspiration. Through his openness about mental and emotional struggles, he advocates for empowering the younger generation.

Kayaune Ross aka kayauneross celebrating Independence day

Kayaune Ross aka kayauneross i the elevate impact shirt and shorts

Kayaune Ross aka kayauneross rocking the elevate glasses

Kayaune Ross aka ross_500 at the beach with his brother JJ Ross

Kayaune Ross aka ross_500 having a nice time at the beach

Kayaune Ross aka ross_500 holding his 100k YouTube subscribers silver plaque

Kayaune Ross aka ross_500 in his Elevate Impact merch

Kayaune Ross aka ross_500 in his hometown Hamilton Ohio

Kayaune Ross at the music studio

Kayaune Ross in his All American football kit

Kayaune Ross looking dope on his birthday

Kayaune Ross playing for Kentucky

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