Cherie Daniels – Fashion Influencer

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Name: Cherie Daniels / miss_cdnls23 / miss_cdnls233 / miss_dxxx

Nationality: South Africa

Hair Color: Brunette / Blonde

Eye Color: Brown

Date of Birth: July 22nd, 1996

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Instagram / TikTok

Cherie Daniels, a South African native currently residing in New Zealand, has captivated over 163,000 Instagram followers with her fashion-forward content. As a Fashion Influencer, her feed is a visual feast showcasing daily outfits adorned with brands like Gucci, YSL, Prada, Nike, Calvin Klein, Oh Polly, Outcast, and Lounge.

Beyond fashion, Cherie’s Instagram reflects her zest for life. She delights in parties, sunsets, photography, cats, and indulging in delectable cuisine, as evident from her visits to Sal’s, The Welder, Hiraki Sushi Bar, Lebakerman, and The Night Noodle Market.

Cherie’s adventurous spirit has taken her to enchanting destinations such as France, Rome, London, Australia, Belgium, Amsterdam, and Paris, creating a colorful tapestry of her global adventures. With an eye for style and a passion for exploration, Cherie Daniels continues to inspire and connect with her diverse audience through her vibrant Instagram presence.

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Cherie Daniels aka miss_cdnls23 posing for a picture in a car in brown Nike shoes

Cherie Daniels aka miss_cdnls233 looking chic in a two piece lilac set

Cherie Daniels aka miss_cdnls23 in a little black dress from Princess Polly Botique

Cherie Daniels aka miss_dxxx looking gorgeous in a brown dress and black Ysl shoes

Cherie Daniels aka miss_cdnls23 in a brown outfit paired with a black Ysl bag

Cherie Daniels aka miss_dxxx taking a mirror selfie in a black dress and Nike shoes

Cherie Daniels aka miss_cdnls23 posing for a mirror selfie in Calvin Klein underwear

Cherie Daniels aka miss_dxxx petting an Alpaca at Shamra Alpacas

Cherie Daniels aka miss_cdnls233 looking pretty taking a selfie in the sun

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