Meg Branch: Powering Women Through Fitness and Fashion

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Name: Meg Branch / meggbfit

Nationality: UK

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Gray

Date of Birth: October 2nd, 1999

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Instagram /  Tiktok / YouTube

Meg Branch, the dynamic British fitness model, influencer, and founder of Meggbcoaching, is a beacon of inspiration in the fitness realm. With a significant Instagram following of over 129K and over 906.4K TikTok likes, Meg engages her audience with a mix of entertaining and educational content, sharing insights into her workouts, nutrition, and daily life.

As the daughter of Nick Branch and the partner of online coach Aaron Greenfield, Meg is deeply embedded in the fitness world. Her coaching services at Meggbcoaching empower women to achieve their fitness goals, drawing on her personal journey of using fitness as a coping mechanism and a tool for self-perception. She is also a nutritionist having been passionate about fitness since she was a young girl, and has competed in several bodybuilding shows.

Meg is not just a fitness enthusiast but also a fashion icon, endorsing Oneractive and Women’s Best. Her impeccable style is showcased through her wardrobe, featuring brands like prettylittlething and swimwear from shien, ohpolly, and neenaswim.

A travel enthusiast, Meg shares her adventures from Ibiza to Santorini, offering glimpses into her travel escapades. As a dog mom to the adorable Spudley, Meg’s love extends beyond fitness, adding a touch of warmth to her vibrant online presence.

From her daily makeup routine with brands like Charlotte Tilbury and Kylie Cosmetics to sharing delectable recipes and collaborating with fitness and supplement giants like Gymshark and Myprotein, Meg Branch’s life is a tapestry of fitness, fashion, and a passion for empowering women.

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Meg Branch aka meggbfit has a face card that never declines

Meg Branch aka meggbfit has meserizing grey eyes

Meg Branch aka meggbfit in Marbella wearing a dress from bershka and bag from prettylittlething

Meg Branch aka meggbfit in Paradise Beach Club Mykonos in a bikini from neenaswim and cover up from prettylittlething


Meg Branch aka meggbfit is happy with her dad and small siblings

Meg Branch aka meggbfit serving body goals in Cove beach Dubai

Meg Branch and her boyfriend attend a wedding in Santorini

Meg Branch enjoying her drink in Blue Marlin Ibiza

Meg Branch in Ibiza beach in her prettylittlething dress

Meg Branch looking lovely in her girls night fit

Meg Branch posing in her oneactive lifestyle set

Meg Branch ready for the cold season in her oneactive puffy jacket

Meg Branch rocking the berry set from oneractive

Meg Branch with her boyfriend Aaron and their puppy spudley

Paradise Beach Club Mykonos all glamed up for a Christmas party

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