Milly G: Fitness Enthusiast and Podcaster with Inspiring content

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Name: Milly G / millyg_fit / millygfit / Amelia Goldsmith

Nationality: UK

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Date of Birth: October 16th

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Instagram / Tiktok / YouTube 

Milly G, also known as millyg_fit, stands as a prominent British model, influencer, and content producer, captivating audiences with her dynamic approach to fitness and well-being. Her content resonates with a passion for high-intensity workouts and weightlifting, showcasing a dedication to an active lifestyle that has become an inspiration for her followers.

As the creator of the Refresh Reset Challenge, Milly G pioneers a program designed to empower women, focusing on enhancing nutrition, fitness, and mindset. Her academic background in psychology, particularly studying dieters’ and non-dieters’ calorie estimation of healthy and unhealthy foods at the University of Sussex, lends a unique and informed perspective to her approach.

Milly G’s infectious personality radiates through her content, encouraging others to embrace a holistic approach to health. As the co-host of the Real Girls Radio podcast with Emma Doherty, Milly engages in candid conversations that resonate with her diverse audience.

Her advocacy extends to her role as a Gymshark ambassador, particularly favoring the Elevate, Sweat, and Adapt collections. Milly G encourages her followers to use her code “MILLY” for an exclusive 10% discount. Additionally, she proudly represents brands like Myprotein and Princes Polly, showcasing a versatile portfolio with collaborations with Bulk and Bites and Glory.

In her one-on-one coaching platform, VIDA by Milly G, she collaborates with expert coaches to provide personalized guidance. Milly’s love for sunsets and adventures takes her to picturesque destinations like Spain, Italy, and Mykonos, creating a vibrant backdrop for her content.

A staunch advocate for food freedom, Milly openly shares her meals, both homemade and from dining out, fostering a healthy relationship with nutrition. Her transparency extends to her acne journey, resonating with those on a similar path. Milly G’s impact extends beyond social media; she has been interviewed by Sky News on body image and featured on KissFMUK and Capital Official, solidifying her influence in the realm of wellness and fitness. Amidst her bustling life, Milly finds joy in the companionship of her puppy, Noah, adding a delightful touch to her relatable and inspiring narrative.

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Milly G aka Amelia Goldsmith at the gymshark gym ready to workout

Milly G aka Amelia Goldsmith has a lovely glow

Milly G aka Amelia Goldsmith looking beautiful while enjoying her drink

Milly G aka millyg_fit at Soho Farmhouse

Milly G aka millyg_fit giving Frozen vibes in Val d'Isère

Milly G aka millyg_fit having the time of her life in Ibiza

Milly G aka millyg_fit looks lovely enjoying her trip in Ibiza

Milly G aka millygfit takes a cute mirror selfie

Milly G celebrates her birthday in a cute outfit

Milly G encourages self love

Milly G enjoying her vacation in Spain

Milly G enjoys rowing

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