Polina Sokolova – Модель Инстаграм

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Name: Polina Sokolova / polina__sokolova__

Nationality: Russia

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Green

Date of Birth: NA

Zodiac Sign: NA


Polina Sokolova is a model who has an aura of sensuality and grace with her amazing body figure that makes every stride she takes on the catwalk feel like a tranquil dance. Stepping strongly, gently, and elegantly to portray a powerful and alluring image of her. She creates an attracting and fascinating performance experience not just by walking but also by interacting with the lighting and the audience. Her height is what draws attention and gives her a chic, attractive appearance. Her blonde hair, which shines her face like natural light and highlights its sharpness, is what makes her unique.

Polina currently works as a model for four different companies: Idol Model Management, Tangerina models in Malaysia, PDM model management in Vietnam, and Myers model agency in Indonesia. She holds an unusual ability for acting on the runway and has competed in competitions including Miss Charm and Miss Tatarstan. Her success in beauty contests is enhanced by her talent on stage, which also creates numerous opportunities for collaboration with international fashion shows.

Away from the limelight, Polina Sokolova is a free-spirited woman who is always looking forward to discovering and doing new things. She frequently posts on Instagram pictures of tasty food, breathtaking scenery, and wonderful experiences. She has travelled to Malaysia, Dubai, Turkey, Vietnam, Japan, and other places. Therefore, she has gained more insight into culture and way of life while also discovering happiness in the exquisite moments of life with each journey.

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Polina Sokolova took part in the Katynguyen's Xita Fashion Show in Vietnam.

Polina Sokolova was a model for Vera By Chipu's show in Vietnam.

Polina Sokolova aka polina sokolova walks sexily with gorgeous blonde hair.

Polina Sokolova aka polina sokolova stunning and elegant at dinner.

Polina Sokolova aka polina sokolova expresses love in a stunning sunshine shot.

Polina Sokolova aka polina sokolova has a stylish and special fashion sense.

Polina Sokolova posed attractively in front of a mirror in Malaysia with ease.

Polina Sokolova enjoyed a delightful and amazing trip to Phu Quoc.

Polina Sokolova had pictures of her phenomenal body contours taken in Kuala Lumpur.

Polina Sokolova captured an early morning selfie with her pretty face and a coffee.

Polina Sokolova aka polina sokolova had an wonderful boat trip in Dubai.

Polina Sokolova aka polina sokolova likes to talk about her opinions about love.

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