Tabi Lee – Tabi.Lift: Cosplay and Fitness Enthusiast With Flexible Body

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Name: Tabi Lee / Tabi.lift / Tabifit /

Nationality: USA

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Date of Birth: July 15th

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Instagram / X / YouTube / TikTok

Tabi Lee, a rising star on Instagram and TikTok, has made waves in the digital realm with her inspiring journey. Her passion for fitness is evident as she diligently works out to sculpt a muscular physique. Tabi generously shares her progress with her followers, motivating them to pursue their own fitness goals.

Beyond her fitness journey, Tabi embraces her love for cosplay, with Chun Li as her favorite character. Her creative cosplay endeavors add a delightful twist to her online presence, showcasing her artistic side.

Tabi also occasionally lends her influence to fitness brands like Hidden Village Studios, NVGTN, and Gymreapers, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. In a world of diverse interests, Tabi Lee’s online persona stands out as a fitness and cosplay enthusiast who inspires and entertains her dedicated fan base.

tabi lee aka tabi.lift asking fans to guess her birthday

tabi lee aka tabi.lift asking instagram fans if they take creatine today

tabi lee aka tabi.lift at the gym wearing outfit from hiddenvillagestudios

tabi lee aka tabi.lift dressed up as chun li cosplay

tabi lee aka tabi.lift fist time riding rollercoaster and subway in new york

tabi lee aka tabi.lift let instagram fans see her hair down for the first time

tabi lee aka tabi.lift posing on the beach in florida

tabi lee aka tabi.lift posing to show her squads progress

tabi lee aka tabi.lift taking photo with rainbow behind her

tabi lee aka tabi.lift working out using suppliments from legion

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