Tayler Dayne Loyd: Adventurous Fitness Entrepreneur

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Tayler Dayne Loyd aka tdl_does_life shows how she starts her Mondays

Name: Tayler Dayne Loyd / tdl_does_life / taylor.d.loyd

Nationality: USA

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Date of Birth: November 29th, 1990

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Instagram  / YouTube  / Facebook

Tayler Dayne Loyd, also known as TDL, epitomizes the transformative power of resilience and self-love in her journey from battling body image issues and eating disorders in 2015 to becoming a thriving American fitness model, influencer, and online coach. The founder of Rebel Collections and the force behind TDL Does Coaching, she has not only sculpted her physique through weight training and nutrition but has also emerged as a beacon of inspiration for her over 103K Instagram followers and YouTube subscribers.

As a versatile athlete, TDL has competed in bikini and figure competitions and showcased her prowess as a CrossFit team athlete. She has also been featured on the SixpackLab podcast Her authenticity and positive personality shine through in her vlogs, workouts, and challenges, fostering a community of motivation and support. TDL proudly associates herself with Oneractive, seamlessly blending her style with their hoodies, vests, and jackets.

Tayler is a dog mom to a Dutch Shepherd, Bulldog, and Boxer, a devoted coffee lover, and a fashion enthusiast who thrives on streetwear looks. Her collaboration with renowned brands such as Playboy, Rebel, Celsius, Vitargo, Trifecta, and Coola. Whether reveling in the exhilaration of motorcycle rides or immersing herself in spicy margaritas, TDL’s zest for life extends to her love for travel and exploring new adventures, with destinations like Mexico and the Dominican Republic etching unforgettable chapters into her story. Her cinematic taste is epitomized by her all-time favorite movie, “Joker,” while her passion for music finds expression in attending concerts like EDC Orlando 2022.

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Tayler Dayne Loyd aka taylor.d.loyd and her dog meatball looking cute

Tayler Dayne Loyd aka taylor.d.loyd putting in the work in her nobull and shoes from strikemvmt

Tayler Dayne Loyd aka tdl_does_life and her boyfriend celebrating their 3 year anniversary

Tayler Dayne Loyd aka tdl_does_life and her husband celebrating new years in Texas

Tayler Dayne Loyd aka tdl_does_life at the gym in her livefitapparel merch

Tayler Dayne Loyd aka tdl_does_life looking cool in her fit showing her perfect tattoos

Tayler Dayne Loyd flexing in a nike fit and vans

Tayler Dayne Loyd rocking Activ Lifetyle Co shades and a chill fit with nikes

Tayler Dayne Loyd wearing livefitapparel

Tayler Dayne Loyd wearing rebel Merch and her cute bulldog

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