Yunus A. Akbulut – yunusaah Natural bodybuilder, Fitness Trainer

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Name: Yunus A. Akbulut / Yunus Akbulut / yunusaah / yunusbroe / yakbulut2

Nationality: Turkey / USA

Hair Color: Brunet

Eye Color: Brown

Date of Birth: March 19th, 1998

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Instagram / Tiktok / YouTube / Spotify

Yunus A. Akbulut, a Turkish 8-year veteran in the realm of natural fitness training, has seamlessly woven his passion for motivation and inspiration into a captivating fitness journey. A pillar of unwavering support, his sister Razis, has stood by him throughout. The spark for his fitness odyssey was ignited during his soccer days at Clifton High School.

Diving into the competitive arena, Yunus participated in the 2022 NPC National Champions, securing the 621st rank. Yet, his journey is more than just numbers; it’s a testament to relentless dedication. Lifting weights in harmony with hardstyle music, he rhythmically shares his story on YouTube. From mental health discussions to workout tutorials and glimpses of his wholesome diet, Yunus creates a holistic narrative.

As an ehplabs promoter, Yunus extends exclusive discounts endorsing products like Pride in Fanta flavor. With affiliations spanning Gymshark, Mvmt watches, and Team Alpha Lion, he not only represents but also imparts wisdom as an online coach under Team Tank. Vanquish Fitness adorns him, and meeting Kai Greene was an honor.

Graduating in 2021, Yunus fulfills his father’s wishes by hosting morning workouts for suicide prevention and inspiring Turkish youth through the Turkey Takeover initiative. His personal joy comes from dressing as Clark Kent, sharing the “How to Become Superman” workout, and indulging in post-intense workout cold plunges. Connecting with fans on Omegle, reacting to videos, and curating Spotify playlists featuring artists like Drake and Tevve, Yunus maintains diverse engagement. An avid football enthusiast, he passionately cheers for Messi, embodying a multifaceted and inspiring fitness personality.

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Yunus A. Akbulut aka Yunus Akbulut looking with a buzz cut

Yunus A. Akbulut aka Yunus Akbulut takes a mirror selfie in his casual fit

Yunus A. Akbulut aka yunusaah competes at the NPC East Coast Championship

Yunus A. Akbulut aka yunusaah enjoying lovely views from the balcony

Yunus A. Akbulut aka yunusbroe at the Turkish Day Parade NewYork

Yunus A. Akbulut aka yunusbroe is all smiles at the gym

Yunus A. Akbulut aka yunusbroe looking good in an officail shirt buttoned down

Yunus A. Akbulut aka yunusbroe ready to focus on his dreams

Yunus A. Akbulut aka yunusbroe rocking a hoodie from gymshark

Yunus A. Akbulut at the gym in shorts from rawgear

Yunus A. Akbulut wears a serious face in his gymshark shorts

Yunus A. Akbulut looking like a lifeguard as he posing at the beach

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